Fresh Linen scented candle

Mint & Rosemary


Mint & Rosemary

Soy Candle Jar in Jute/Linen Bag


A fresh , minty & cooling scent with notes of the cedar tree. The reviving fragrance will have you reminiscing about an English country garden on a summers day


220 grams

Burn time approx 50 hours




The first time you burn your Melitarose candle, allow it to burn for at least 2 hours and no more than 4 hours, until the whole top is liquid with wax. This will help your candle to burn more evenly the next time.

Before lighting your Melitarose
candle, trim the wick to 0.5cm.


  1. Love this brand! Review by Mimi

    I first discovered MR last year when I needed good quality candles that weren't over priced. Not only are the candles so yummy in smell, they are beautifully packaged and make amazing presents. I'm so pleased to see them in wholefoods as I shop in there all the time! I couldn't tell you which on is my favourite as I have them in every scent. (Posted on 01/03/2017)

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