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Introducting the delightful Lisa Hughes. When you meet Lisa she lights up the room with her infectious energy , where does she get it from you think to yourself? Well it could have something to do with becoming a Yoga Teacher.

What were the steps that lead you to become a Yoga teacher & how long did you train before you became qualified.

2 years ago I left my marketing role in the magazine industry for a change – some time volunteering in Malawi with my boyfriend before a month long yoga teacher training intensive in Spain. My interest and passion in yoga had been growing over a few years and I wanted to develop the skills so I could share my love of this beautiful practice with others. I found yoga like many due to injury. Having suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain, yoga became a self-management tool as well as a way to step out of my busy London lifestyle.

What is yin yoga & why does it differ to other forms of Yoga.

Yin yoga is a slow and deep practice where poses are held for extended periods of time (typically 3 – 5 minutes) with the aim of improving flexibility and cultivating stillness. Yin yoga focuses on stretching fascia, the connective tissues, and is suitable for all levels. It is the perfect complement to the more usual dynamic ‘yang’ yoga practice. Expect to let go of stress and float out feeling lighter, calmer and more mobile.

What are the main differences between Pilates & Yoga for someone who has never tried.

My entry point to yoga was via a brief flirtation with Pilates. Although both practices have their benefits I began to find Pilates a bit boring and one dimensional and I found yoga offered something far deeper – on a mental and even spiritual level. Put simply, the focus of Pilates is on building muscular strength (particularly in the core) and yoga focuses on stretching, flexibility and spirituality.

How has Yoga transformed your life , body , mind & soul.

Yoga has totally changed me and my life. I love it unconditionally and feel so excited that there’s always more to learn about (philosophy, anatomy and of course many different styles). Yoga has infiltrated all aspects of my life: my outlook, how I spend my leisure time, introducing me to new likeminded friends, my diet (sometimes) and how I spend my time online.


What do you do to relax & achieve a balanced lifestyle.

I do yoga and lots of it. I love walking by the river in London and hanging out with friends and family laughing, eating and drinking the odd red wine or Espresso Martini.

There are many people out there with stressful lives how would yoga transform them, what are the main benefits.

There are so many benefits of your yoga and reasons for why I would recommend incorporating a regular practice into your daily life. For me Yoga works physically – a longer, leaner, stronger and more flexible body; mentally – a calmer, stiller and quieter mind and finally emotionally – less reactive and more patient (sometimes!).

Where do you teach.

Lumi Power Yoga in Hammersmith. Power vinyasa class on Wednesday’s at 7.30am and one Yin Yoga class on Sunday’s at 6pm.

Drop Lisa an email: 

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By Serena Francis | 22 February 2015 20:36:27 GMT

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