Welcome to the Melitarose blog , we will explore all things which help create a balanced lifestyle. Many of us can relate to working in a corporate enviroment , feeling run down & stressed from the day to day grind. Unfortunately due to many reasons we do not take the leap of faith to completly change our careers & lifestyle. Meet Charlotte an artist from West London & founder of a talented and courageous woman who set up her business against all odds in 2008.

What made you quit your corporate job & be an illustrator.

My corporate job made me sick so I had to resign! I developed repetitive strain injury and I believe that was life actually forcing me into leaving my job to explore my dream. 
The hardest challenges to overcome when running the business.
At the moment I'm doing everything on my own so it's physically demanding! I can't afford to employ anyone yet so I literally am my own PA! There's always so much to remember and I have so many calendar alerts going off every 15-30 mins to remind me what I've still got to do!! 

You changed your diet & invested time in healing your mind & body - Explain how this helped with your recovery.

Depression is often a chemical imbalance so there's a lot you can do nutritionally and lifestyle wise to help yourself get better. Eating proper home cooked healthy food really helped me. I changed my diet to be full of fruit, veg, whole grains, fish, chicken and good fats like olive oil. I also started exercising every day. All these things played a role in my recover. 

What advice would you give to other people who have or are suffering from depression.

I'd tell them that no matter how bad they are feeling they are going to get better. Tough times cannot stay tough forever and it will change into something different. I'd also tell them to take all pressure off themselves and just focus on the essentials like deep breathing and eating nutritious food and maybe exercising if they feel up to it. 

Do you feel there is enough help for people who are suffering from depression, globally more than 350 million people suffer from all different types of depression, generally more women are prone to be affected.

I think it's very important to talk about how you feel to the people closest to you. I had a lot of support from my sister and she helped me get through it. She was always on the end of the phone whenever I needed her. I was offered counselling from my gp which I found to be beneficial. I think there should be more support for people like counselling to see if they can recover without the need for medication.  


What do you think is the key to "happiness" 

Leading a balanced life. Not too much of any one thing. Don't spend too much time doing nothing, just like you shouldn't spend all your time working like crazy. It's all about moderation. At least it is for me anyway. 

Who inspires you & why?

Beatrix Potter. She self published Peter Rabbit as no publisher thought it would sell. Now look how successful it's been! She was a brave woman and her example gave me the courage to self publish my own book. 
What do you do to relax?
I take a long bath every night. That is my quiet 'me' time. I love my daily bath- I totally look forward to it. Especially after a long cold day on my market stall! I put Epsom salts in there to ease my muscles or essential oils like lavender to relax me. 
Where do the ideas stem from for the drawings.
Nature inspires me a lot. I love walking in parks or heading out into the country. I often get my ideas when I'm out in the elements. 

What is your favourite Melitarose candle?

Lime basil and Mandarin. This combination is heavenly! I love Mandarin.

What is the nicest feedback received from a customer.

I get so many lovely emails from people and the most fantastic comments. People have even cried at my stall because they said the book spoke to them so much. When people buy my book to cheer up an ill person and then that ill person then gets in touch to thank me for writing the book it often makes me well up! 

Your proudest moment since taking the plunge & becoming an illustrator.

I think it was when I reached the figure of 5,000 book sales of my self published book before it got taken on and published by a traditional publisher. 


Art makes you feel....

Happy, creative and free. 

If I could wave a magic ward what would you like to a achieve within the next 2 years.

I'd love the story behind my book to be turned into a film. That's a big dream of mine. I'd also like an animated tv series for kids, another book out there and a bunch of merchandise too!.



 Check out Charlottes website or pop to Portabello Market to see her artwork & say hi!

By Serena Francis | 10 February 2015 20:37:11 GMT

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